There are major changes in Humanatic a couple of weeks ago. I'd say that it's an improvement though there are disadvantages in some ways. 

I am an active call reviewer in Humanatic so I have noticed a lot of changes, call review prices were lowered compared to what was being offered before per tag. Projects were added to some reviewers but not to everyone so it's a little disappointing to some because their projects got lessened. 

Since there was an upgrade of the system, I think it were changes in servers, there were a lot of glitches happening in the past week but as of this moment everything seems to be fine. They have been online since Feb 2011 and I can definitely guarantee that they are legit plus their support team especially Prisma Garcia is great and kind, though they may not be able to respond right away, I'm pretty sure that they will once they get to have time.

Application is still in hold according to their website but I suggest you check it out every now and then if you're interested. Humanatic welcomes reviewers anywhere in the world. :)

Here's the message posted in their application page.
Earning money by tracking calls online? Is it even possible? Well, that’s what Humanatic will give you as a call tracker, more known as Human.  

I have been a member of this site since 2011 and I could say that I am earning at least $100 a week depending on the amount of time that I’ll be able to allot. There are certain projects that will be given to Humans, I am not really sure what other projects are being given to other Humans but I am lucky enough to get at least 2 projects which is shown below.

What you’ll just do is to track calls and learn to identify the calls if it fits into any of the categories. The amount you can earn in each call is 3.9₡ and that’s in New Business project whilst the Answered Outbound Call is 1.1₡ per successful tag. However, you need to make sure that you tag each calls accurately otherwise your accuracy will more likely be reduced. If this continues then the projects may be suspended by the admin or might even be disabled permanently.

This is what I am working at. Tagging calls and identifying which category the call fits into.
The wHIP score is something to look forward to in Humanatic as it will define the bonus that you’ll get everyday if you’re eligible. That is the good thing in Humanatic; they give you a bonus if you perform well. That is, if you don’t get audited calls, negative wHIP, and if you reach the leaderboard and the threshold then you’d likely receive bonuses up to $12-$15. 


Here is the proof of payment that I am getting paid in Humanatic. Payout is being requested every Monday thru Paypal so you’ll receive your money within the week then.
Reid Wakefield is the person who sends the money to Humans once paid out.

As of the moment, they are not hiring Humans as they are currently full of workers so if you would like to give it try then come back after a few days or weeks.

Visit their site here.
Have you ever stumbled upon a site where a contest would be held and the prizes will range from $50.00 up to $600 once you win? Well, let me introduce Squadhelp to you. It’s a legit site that provides service to its clients by letting them hold a contest for something that they would like to be done within a span of time which helps them save more time and more money of course. Users from different parts of the world would compete in this particular contest and only 1 winner will then be given a cash prize. The contest could be in the form of giving out domain names for their web sites, brand names for their products, designing a web site, making a viral marketing video, article writing, building traffic and making logos, etc. It won’t be just 1 contest to be held but it could be a lot by different clients with different task to give as well so there are a lot to choose from. 

Most of the contests being held are to give out domain names, brand names for a company product and make logos which normally range from $50 up to $200.

The following are the minimum amounts to pay for if you would like some tasks to be done and hold a contest: 
The payments are usually made through Paypal and you don’t just get paid in cash whenever you join and win a contest but you also earn points each time you submit an entry even without winning. This helps you gain your position level and once you’ve reached 1000points, then that’s the time that you’ll be able to have your own domain to be sold. By the way, payments are going to be made right after you have filled out a tax form from the U.S. and it  will then be transferred to your Paypal account. It doesn’t take that long, you just have to make sure that you inform them about your winnings or else they might forget it.  
There’s a downside on this site though, there are contest holders that would usually cancel their contests after a few days of running it, so that means that there are users who have already submitted entries and the contest holder might have actually used it without paying a penny so be sure to be aware that the contest that you’re joining is a genuine one and will pay the winner then! One tip: submit entries on those contests that show a GUARANTEED WINNER icon. Most likely, they are genuine. Good luck!

Check out the highest paid winners of all time. (link)
Check out their contestants board. (link)
Check out their entrepreneurs board. (link)

This is a proof of payment for the contest that I've won in Squadhelp, no need to doubt if it's legitimate then! Oh, by the way, the do have commissions or percentage once you win and that's 10% of your earnings.
Are you a music lover?

Do you like to listen to songs that have not even been released yet?

Do you appreciate songs that are not sung by your fave band/singer but by random singers who are not even popular world wide?

Well, have you got the ‘music critic’ in you?

And lastly, do you want to earn money by just rating and reviewing these songs?

If you answered ‘YES’ in all of these questions, then you have come to the right place. There are a few sites like SLICETHEPIE that pay you for reviewing the music of the not-so-popular singers or would just simply want to have the song reviewed. All you need to do is to rate the song, write a few lines about what you think with the song and that’s basically it. 
SLICETHEPIE had just recently changed the design of their web site which now has a cooler interface than before.
The threshold forSLICETHEPIE to get paid is for $10.00 and the basic rate for songs are ranging for $.02 - $.20, I myself have been reviewing songs for a few days now and upon researching, this site appears to be legit. Well, I’ll be able to definitely prove that by the time that I get paid or reach $10.00 of course. Payments are being made thru Paypal so better yet, make sure that the email account that you use with Paypal is the same with what you register with SLICETHEPIE.

The image above is where the music is being reviewed. The white box is where you input what you think about the song, judge it and say whatever improvements you think is better for the singer to be informed. The review you'll be making, depending how long and how sensible it is will also define the amount that you'll be receiving aside from the ratings that you will be giving. Now you should be able to listen to the song properly as you won't be able to repeat or rewind it again after 1 play. The 0 - 10 is where you'll be rating the song whether it did create an impact to you and if you think the song will also be liked by others or by the majority. So if the majority chooses 6 out of 10 and you have chosen it as well, then most likely you get to earn more. 

So this is how the scout page looks like. You get to review, rate it from 0-10, and the glossary will tell you what others are for.

SLICETHEPIE is no longer accepting worldwide users/reviewers and sadly, those people who haven't had their payout from non-US countries were unable to receive their money; I think they at least deserve to actually be paid because it isn't really easy reviewing those songs taking up most of your time and just earning cents from it to reach the threshold of $10. Oh well...
So lets start with the basic. You must've known a lot of stuffs about paid-to-click sites, I guess?

Well, yes, you can earn money by clicking ads and by referring your friends to do the same thing. The Web has a lot of legit sites and more scam sites at the same time so be careful! And so I've listed some of the legit sites that I've found which is currently running for more than a year now and still stable but you should be aware that this does not necessarily mean that these sites won't turn into scam in the future; remember, ptc sites aren't scam free.

Internet marketing with a cube
Now these are just the introduction to these PTC sites. I will be doing a review for each of these PTC sites as soon as possible. They are regarded as legit as they have proof of payments which are being made thru paypal + a forum wherein users can interact with each other to give reviews. There are also other PTC sites that I'll be introducing to you soon! (These sites aren't even 1/8th of the sites we're going to review later on.)

Joining PTC sites won't make you rich but who knows? Maybe just by clicking ads all through out the day and by referring people then you might get rich, right?! Well, kidding aside, it won't be really easy for you to earn big money here but it actually depends on how you do it and how persistent you are. Afterall, it might be such a grandiose idea but definitely not impossible. :)
We all know that Paypal is a payment processor but have you ever thought that Paypal can also give you a bonus just by referring your colleagues with businesses that can be paid online? Read on and see how it works!

Earn money by referring!

Have you ever heard of earning an extra income using Paypal? Me? Just lately. Haha. I think this referral program had been in the web for quite long now. Shame on me for just discovering it lately but I still wanted to share it with those people like me who happened to just find it out just now.

Now, this is not a scam or the what-not. I suppose a lot of us who had been searching here and there wants to earn an extra cash, right? So, as mentioned, I admit that I have just recently found out about the Paypal referral system wherein every time a merchant signs up using your special link or a specialized banner which is linked to your account as a referrer, then that will be the time that you would be able to get a referral bonus. That is, if they sign up as a Premier of a Business account using the link that you have provided so you will have to be cautious about it because if the merchant that you have referred accidentally signed up for a Personal account or have not used the link that you have given, then it would not make sense anymore as it will not be considered as your earnings or bonus.

According to the Paypal referral information, you could earn a bonus within the first year of the merchant who signed up using your link, and that could take up to $1000 for each successful referral who gets their payments from their customers. The said percentage is actually 0.5% of the amount that your merchant gets out of their earnings from their business.

If you want to know more, visit the referral page of Paypal. I suggest you start referring colleagues and friends to use Paypal who do businesses so you can earn as well!

Oh, by the way, if you're not yet a Paypal member then you can sign up anytime so you can be eligible for the referral bonus! Earn money without doing anything but refer!

Easy Steps to Earn

Here's the 3-steps to earn by Paypal
  • 1.  Log in to your PayPal account
  • 2.  Get your personalized referral link to send out in emails, add as a banner to your website, or incorporate into your e-commerce application.
  • 3.  Each time a new merchant signs up for a PayPal Business or Premier account via your link or banner, you'll immediately start receiving 0.5% of their payment volume - up to $1,000.00 USD.

Make sure that you won't loose it!

Here's the catch, you need to make sure that the referral link will be followed and the merchants that you're referring are aware that it should be a premier or a business account that they'll be signing up for, otherwise, it will be senseless and worthless as it will no longer be eligible as a bonus for you.


Remember, the higher the payments or income of the merchant, the higher the bonus you get. However, the referral bonus can only last for a year so you better hope that these merchants would earn a lot so you can earn a lot as well.