Earning money by tracking calls online? Is it even possible? Well, that’s what Humanatic will give you as a call tracker, more known as Human.  

I have been a member of this site since 2011 and I could say that I am earning at least $100 a week depending on the amount of time that I’ll be able to allot. There are certain projects that will be given to Humans, I am not really sure what other projects are being given to other Humans but I am lucky enough to get at least 2 projects which is shown below.

What you’ll just do is to track calls and learn to identify the calls if it fits into any of the categories. The amount you can earn in each call is 3.9₡ and that’s in New Business project whilst the Answered Outbound Call is 1.1₡ per successful tag. However, you need to make sure that you tag each calls accurately otherwise your accuracy will more likely be reduced. If this continues then the projects may be suspended by the admin or might even be disabled permanently.

This is what I am working at. Tagging calls and identifying which category the call fits into.
The wHIP score is something to look forward to in Humanatic as it will define the bonus that you’ll get everyday if you’re eligible. That is the good thing in Humanatic; they give you a bonus if you perform well. That is, if you don’t get audited calls, negative wHIP, and if you reach the leaderboard and the threshold then you’d likely receive bonuses up to $12-$15. 


Here is the proof of payment that I am getting paid in Humanatic. Payout is being requested every Monday thru Paypal so you’ll receive your money within the week then.
Reid Wakefield is the person who sends the money to Humans once paid out.

As of the moment, they are not hiring Humans as they are currently full of workers so if you would like to give it try then come back after a few days or weeks.

Visit their site here.