Have you ever stumbled upon a site where a contest would be held and the prizes will range from $50.00 up to $600 once you win? Well, let me introduce Squadhelp to you. It’s a legit site that provides service to its clients by letting them hold a contest for something that they would like to be done within a span of time which helps them save more time and more money of course. Users from different parts of the world would compete in this particular contest and only 1 winner will then be given a cash prize. The contest could be in the form of giving out domain names for their web sites, brand names for their products, designing a web site, making a viral marketing video, article writing, building traffic and making logos, etc. It won’t be just 1 contest to be held but it could be a lot by different clients with different task to give as well so there are a lot to choose from. 

Most of the contests being held are to give out domain names, brand names for a company product and make logos which normally range from $50 up to $200.

The following are the minimum amounts to pay for if you would like some tasks to be done and hold a contest: 
The payments are usually made through Paypal and you don’t just get paid in cash whenever you join and win a contest but you also earn points each time you submit an entry even without winning. This helps you gain your position level and once you’ve reached 1000points, then that’s the time that you’ll be able to have your own domain to be sold. By the way, payments are going to be made right after you have filled out a tax form from the U.S. and it  will then be transferred to your Paypal account. It doesn’t take that long, you just have to make sure that you inform them about your winnings or else they might forget it.  
There’s a downside on this site though, there are contest holders that would usually cancel their contests after a few days of running it, so that means that there are users who have already submitted entries and the contest holder might have actually used it without paying a penny so be sure to be aware that the contest that you’re joining is a genuine one and will pay the winner then! One tip: submit entries on those contests that show a GUARANTEED WINNER icon. Most likely, they are genuine. Good luck!

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This is a proof of payment for the contest that I've won in Squadhelp, no need to doubt if it's legitimate then! Oh, by the way, the do have commissions or percentage once you win and that's 10% of your earnings.