We all know that Paypal is a payment processor but have you ever thought that Paypal can also give you a bonus just by referring your colleagues with businesses that can be paid online? Read on and see how it works!

Earn money by referring!

Have you ever heard of earning an extra income using Paypal? Me? Just lately. Haha. I think this referral program had been in the web for quite long now. Shame on me for just discovering it lately but I still wanted to share it with those people like me who happened to just find it out just now.

Now, this is not a scam or the what-not. I suppose a lot of us who had been searching here and there wants to earn an extra cash, right? So, as mentioned, I admit that I have just recently found out about the Paypal referral system wherein every time a merchant signs up using your special link or a specialized banner which is linked to your account as a referrer, then that will be the time that you would be able to get a referral bonus. That is, if they sign up as a Premier of a Business account using the link that you have provided so you will have to be cautious about it because if the merchant that you have referred accidentally signed up for a Personal account or have not used the link that you have given, then it would not make sense anymore as it will not be considered as your earnings or bonus.

According to the Paypal referral information, you could earn a bonus within the first year of the merchant who signed up using your link, and that could take up to $1000 for each successful referral who gets their payments from their customers. The said percentage is actually 0.5% of the amount that your merchant gets out of their earnings from their business.

If you want to know more, visit the referral page of Paypal. I suggest you start referring colleagues and friends to use Paypal who do businesses so you can earn as well!

Oh, by the way, if you're not yet a Paypal member then you can sign up anytime so you can be eligible for the referral bonus! Earn money without doing anything but refer!

Easy Steps to Earn

Here's the 3-steps to earn by Paypal
  • 1.  Log in to your PayPal account
  • 2.  Get your personalized referral link to send out in emails, add as a banner to your website, or incorporate into your e-commerce application.
  • 3.  Each time a new merchant signs up for a PayPal Business or Premier account via your link or banner, you'll immediately start receiving 0.5% of their payment volume - up to $1,000.00 USD.

Make sure that you won't loose it!

Here's the catch, you need to make sure that the referral link will be followed and the merchants that you're referring are aware that it should be a premier or a business account that they'll be signing up for, otherwise, it will be senseless and worthless as it will no longer be eligible as a bonus for you.


Remember, the higher the payments or income of the merchant, the higher the bonus you get. However, the referral bonus can only last for a year so you better hope that these merchants would earn a lot so you can earn a lot as well.