Earning money by tracking calls online? Is it even possible? Well, that’s what Humanatic will give you as a call tracker, more known as Human.  

I have been a member of this site since 2011 and I could say that I am earning at least $100 a week depending on the amount of time that I’ll be able to allot. There are certain projects that will be given to Humans, I am not really sure what other projects are being given to other Humans but I am lucky enough to get at least 2 projects which is shown below.

What you’ll just do is to track calls and learn to identify the calls if it fits into any of the categories. The amount you can earn in each call is 3.9₡ and that’s in New Business project whilst the Answered Outbound Call is 1.1₡ per successful tag. However, you need to make sure that you tag each calls accurately otherwise your accuracy will more likely be reduced. If this continues then the projects may be suspended by the admin or might even be disabled permanently.

This is what I am working at. Tagging calls and identifying which category the call fits into.
The wHIP score is something to look forward to in Humanatic as it will define the bonus that you’ll get everyday if you’re eligible. That is the good thing in Humanatic; they give you a bonus if you perform well. That is, if you don’t get audited calls, negative wHIP, and if you reach the leaderboard and the threshold then you’d likely receive bonuses up to $12-$15. 


Here is the proof of payment that I am getting paid in Humanatic. Payout is being requested every Monday thru Paypal so you’ll receive your money within the week then.
Reid Wakefield is the person who sends the money to Humans once paid out.

As of the moment, they are not hiring Humans as they are currently full of workers so if you would like to give it try then come back after a few days or weeks.

Visit their site here.
4/28/2012 08:29:18 pm

It seems like Humanatic isn't accepting new members anymore. Do you have a referral link? Can international members join?

5/4/2012 05:24:47 am

They are not hiring at the moment but I would advise you to check on it every now and then to see if they are already in need of new reviewers. Humanatic is accepting worldwide btw. :)

7/12/2013 03:01:53 pm

They are still hiring... Just apply now..

7/17/2012 04:05:26 pm

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7/19/2012 11:50:05 am

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6/13/2013 07:13:09 pm

How long did it take you to make $108?

6/20/2013 10:11:33 am

It only took a week. I'm no longer active there but I think it's now harder to get that amount. Are you a reviewer too?

Shamalee Christie
6/20/2013 11:34:46 am

Yes i am

6/16/2013 12:49:38 pm

humanatic sucks! they deduct your earnings even if you disputed a call and those stupid editors they have will just get the bigger money. they pay you for only .1 a call!? and if you dont log in all the time your whip score and earnings will decrease! jeez!

7/4/2013 10:56:44 pm

You don't fully understand the system and you did not read too. Whip score and earnings will decrease if you have audited calls (wrong or right answers)

12/14/2013 08:25:18 am

Something is up with the earnings. If you look at your detailed earnings, they probably won't match what is currently in your account. I have been trying to get an explanation for this, with no response to any of my emails. It even seems like I lost $1 overnight, and I don't know why. I did some calls today, and my earnings did not budge. So I would say that the earnings on this site are questionable.

6/16/2013 02:08:26 pm

I taught SliceThePie was a waste of time but they actually pay a lot higher than humanatic and i was able to withdraw money with only a week with just about 2 hours of work.

7/12/2013 03:00:24 pm

Luckily. I just waited 2 days for the confirmation of my account. They hired me... Help me guys on how to earn money here in humanatic... Give me some tips guys.. Thanks..

good day, how long do i wait for the confirmation of my account? i am determined to work to humanatic..
8/15/2013 06:51:30 pm

good day, how long do i wait for the confirmation of my account? i am determined to work to humanatic..

8/15/2013 06:58:13 pm

Good day, I signed up 8/15/2013.
how long do i wait for the confirmation of my account? i am determined to work to humanatic.

8/18/2013 04:14:38 pm

Try this one especially those having slow internet connection:

8/24/2013 08:59:34 pm

Great, I got my account ready from humanatic. Thank you.

4/7/2015 11:41:02 pm

hi,how can i get a paypal account ,coz i dint have it ..tnx

4/28/2014 03:48:56 am

how would i request for th pay out? what are the steps?

10/4/2014 12:51:39 am

They pay out every Monday & Tuesday !
Request needs to be made before Noon EST on Monday
and You need to have at least $ 10.- made before You can withdraw
into Your PayPal Account and so far they never missed a payment,
as far as i can tell .They don't pay much, but they are paying, that's
their little Catch with them !

10/17/2014 10:58:21 am

Hey guys please help me, I'm an international applicant, I've applied nearly 2 weeks ago, I'm getting anxious that I might have been declined...

My qualifications are quite good, 5 years in a contact center and I've been a quality analyst too...

I'm getting this vibe that they're not hiring international, or not hiring at all... if true I'm DOOMED... please if you have any info share

11/14/2014 06:55:42 pm

the editors are not that good! they feel they are correct for that .1, its all yours

11/19/2014 02:55:48 am

Were those the only two categories you were active in that made you 100.00 per week?

3/15/2015 06:58:11 pm

i want to work in humanatic online job kindly give me id password to start work nd what kind of document you need please send me a mail to my email {jalalidrees@gmail.com}

3/24/2015 11:29:19 am

I'm newbie on humanatic, what the best time for international user to request a payout? I just worry because I'm waiting for my payout

5/1/2015 06:31:45 pm

28/21 jalal pet 1 streets Ambur 635802

Abbie Sinclair
5/14/2015 10:04:27 pm

Please, help me clear my mind. $100 dollar per week? What is the secret? I only got $1.00 for 10 hours in 1 day!

5/17/2015 12:59:51 am

i make around $2 per hour,sometimes $3. What I usually do is I focuse in one category until it would be too easy to figure out the information I need from the call, basically calls are just the same most of the time that you would know which part of the call you need to listen to get the information you need.

5/21/2015 12:22:02 pm

how can i apply this online job?

6/5/2015 03:01:56 pm

I really want to be one of the people working in humanatics

7/19/2015 06:17:07 pm

Hey please tell me I register the humanatic 19/7/2015 night so how much time take for approval my account

5/5/2016 03:03:52 am

please help how to sign up the employement history. i already rejected 2 times. please send me an email.

6/21/2016 04:39:07 am

Humanatic if fake site. It's waste of time. I have proof.... I can challenge on this......

9/15/2016 06:06:06 am

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10/15/2016 02:10:12 am

I really want to worked humanatics but I don't have a Paypal acct. yet

11/22/2017 09:14:47 am

Thanks for the informative and helpful post, obviously in your blog everything is good..


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