So lets start with the basic. You must've known a lot of stuffs about paid-to-click sites, I guess?

Well, yes, you can earn money by clicking ads and by referring your friends to do the same thing. The Web has a lot of legit sites and more scam sites at the same time so be careful! And so I've listed some of the legit sites that I've found which is currently running for more than a year now and still stable but you should be aware that this does not necessarily mean that these sites won't turn into scam in the future; remember, ptc sites aren't scam free.

Internet marketing with a cube
Now these are just the introduction to these PTC sites. I will be doing a review for each of these PTC sites as soon as possible. They are regarded as legit as they have proof of payments which are being made thru paypal + a forum wherein users can interact with each other to give reviews. There are also other PTC sites that I'll be introducing to you soon! (These sites aren't even 1/8th of the sites we're going to review later on.)

Joining PTC sites won't make you rich but who knows? Maybe just by clicking ads all through out the day and by referring people then you might get rich, right?! Well, kidding aside, it won't be really easy for you to earn big money here but it actually depends on how you do it and how persistent you are. Afterall, it might be such a grandiose idea but definitely not impossible. :)

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