Are you a music lover?

Do you like to listen to songs that have not even been released yet?

Do you appreciate songs that are not sung by your fave band/singer but by random singers who are not even popular world wide?

Well, have you got the ‘music critic’ in you?

And lastly, do you want to earn money by just rating and reviewing these songs?

If you answered ‘YES’ in all of these questions, then you have come to the right place. There are a few sites like SLICETHEPIE that pay you for reviewing the music of the not-so-popular singers or would just simply want to have the song reviewed. All you need to do is to rate the song, write a few lines about what you think with the song and that’s basically it. 
SLICETHEPIE had just recently changed the design of their web site which now has a cooler interface than before.
The threshold forSLICETHEPIE to get paid is for $10.00 and the basic rate for songs are ranging for $.02 - $.20, I myself have been reviewing songs for a few days now and upon researching, this site appears to be legit. Well, I’ll be able to definitely prove that by the time that I get paid or reach $10.00 of course. Payments are being made thru Paypal so better yet, make sure that the email account that you use with Paypal is the same with what you register with SLICETHEPIE.

The image above is where the music is being reviewed. The white box is where you input what you think about the song, judge it and say whatever improvements you think is better for the singer to be informed. The review you'll be making, depending how long and how sensible it is will also define the amount that you'll be receiving aside from the ratings that you will be giving. Now you should be able to listen to the song properly as you won't be able to repeat or rewind it again after 1 play. The 0 - 10 is where you'll be rating the song whether it did create an impact to you and if you think the song will also be liked by others or by the majority. So if the majority chooses 6 out of 10 and you have chosen it as well, then most likely you get to earn more. 

So this is how the scout page looks like. You get to review, rate it from 0-10, and the glossary will tell you what others are for.

SLICETHEPIE is no longer accepting worldwide users/reviewers and sadly, those people who haven't had their payout from non-US countries were unable to receive their money; I think they at least deserve to actually be paid because it isn't really easy reviewing those songs taking up most of your time and just earning cents from it to reach the threshold of $10. Oh well...
Wen G
11/28/2011 05:50:44 am

this is so cool


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