There are major changes in Humanatic a couple of weeks ago. I'd say that it's an improvement though there are disadvantages in some ways. 

I am an active call reviewer in Humanatic so I have noticed a lot of changes, call review prices were lowered compared to what was being offered before per tag. Projects were added to some reviewers but not to everyone so it's a little disappointing to some because their projects got lessened. 

Since there was an upgrade of the system, I think it were changes in servers, there were a lot of glitches happening in the past week but as of this moment everything seems to be fine. They have been online since Feb 2011 and I can definitely guarantee that they are legit plus their support team especially Prisma Garcia is great and kind, though they may not be able to respond right away, I'm pretty sure that they will once they get to have time.

Application is still in hold according to their website but I suggest you check it out every now and then if you're interested. Humanatic welcomes reviewers anywhere in the world. :)

Here's the message posted in their application page.

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